VisualTime scheduling software

How it works

VisualTime software is comprised of server components and client (user) components.
The VisualTime administrator is responsible for installing VisualTime on your server.

The user components are the rich client and the web client.

As an option, the Outlook Integration module requires the Microsoft Outlook program to be installed on the user’s PC. This will allow you to add contacts from your Microsoft Exchange Global Address Book within the  VisualTime scheduled activities. In VisualTime you will be able to search the  Global Address Book, add attendees to your VisualTime activities and view their schedule right next to the VisualTime resources.

The server components are: the web/application server (MS IIS 6 or 7 required), the database server (MS SQL Server 2005 or above) and the VisualTime Communication Server (also known as the VisualTime System Agent).

If you are using VisualTime as an online service, the server components are managed by the the Visualtime staff.