VisualTime scheduling software

Schedule rooms, reserve and book resources, manage activities

Whether you have a multitude of users performing their own booking or a centralized scheduling process managed by a handful of people, you will save valuable time and resources by using our advanced scheduling software.

Automatically Publish to Google Calendar

Not only you can render any Google Calendar inside VisualTime and view a multitude of schedules at glance, but you can also publish your VisualTime scheduled activities to a Google Calendar of your choice


Advanced reporting and dashboarding

Customizable reports with interactive dashboards will give your company an integrated view of the information that matters.

With advanced visualization tools that you can fully customize based on your specific needs, the users will be able to see, understand and act on information quickly and easily.

Visually intuitive

After using VisualTime's powerful features, you'll realize that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. In just a few steps, images and calendars of any room or resource can be put on right before your staffs' eyes.

Having an image of the actual resources or rooms together with a color coded availability status can communicate so much more to your users and/or customers than words ever could.

Your customers can better understand the resource's unique appearance almost instantly with the aid of images.

Automatically send and receive notification emails

Our advanced email template system allows you to define how the notifications are generated and who receives them. You can pre-define your own preferences and settings according to your business needs. When resources or rooms are booked, emails are automatically generated and sent to the interested parties.

All your resources and rooms in a single snapshot

You can define your own views based on time intervals, resource and room types, resource and room characteristics, features, locations and more.

Easily view available times based on predefined or ad-hoc criteria

You can always select your criteria or use the filters you have previously created. This will allow you to create your own snapshots of favorite rooms or resources corresponding to your specific needs.

Copy and Paste, Drag and Drop

No more hassles when you need to create the same type of bookings over and over again.

Instead of typing it all you can use the powerful copy/paste or drag and drop features to save time.

Resource and room availability

For each one of your resources and rooms you can specify times and dates where the resources/rooms are offline, not available or undergoing maintenance so booking will be automatically prevented during these time slots.

System holidays

You can create or import Holidays so the system will provide visual clues or even prevent bookings during these periods.

Conflicts at a glance

You can view and eliminate the conflicts based on your own criteria. As soon as one of the scheduled activities is in conflict with your criteria, you can easily determine the resources  containing conflicting activities based on date, resource, scheduled activity, etc.

Advanced recurrences

Create series of recurrent reservations with a predefined pattern or by visually selecting random dates. Our advanced recurrence algorithm is featured with unique capabilities, allowing you to accommodate your most complex scheduling requirements.

Book multiple resources or rooms in a single activity

You can book one or multiple resources at once. For situations where more than one resource or room needs to be reserved at the same time, you can create activities for several resources at once and then manage these activities in a single operation.

Create and configure your resources rooms

Resources can be anything from rooms, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, equipment, people, teams of people, etc.

Charge per resource or activity and track revenue

Assign specific charge rates and manage the cost and revenue each one of the resources generates. Our comprehensive resource management system can help you bill per resource or activity and track revenue.

Easy to customize

You can customize the entire application through the click of your mouse. No need to write code or understand complex commands. Everything is done through a powerful management console.

Manage your users, create specialized user profiles

VisualTime has a flexible and comprehensive user management system so you are able to selectively assign permissions to the users of the system. You can decide to what resources and what level of access each user has or you can define profiles (groups) and assign the same permissions to all the users belonging to that profile (group). An administrator can decide what actions each user or profile can perform: manage resources, manage activities or only specific subsets of those, etc.

Windows authentication and Active Directory integration

You can create your own set of users or use the integrated Windows authentication.  When Windows authentication is used you can fully take advantage of the existing users and groups in your Windows Network Active Directory.

Predefined and custom reports

Detailed reports and resource tracking features take the guesswork out of your organization's productivity. You want to track what resources are booked the most in order to set goals and forecast earnings? You can use the standard reports or easily create your own custom reports.

VisualTime room scheduling software has built in features and provides you with the tools you need in order to know the exact number of activities and the revenue generated by each one of your resources. And you no longer have to manually calculate each resource utilization. Just enter the values for your resource rates and a simple report will calculate the efficiency of your resource utilization.

In sort, the resource utilization analysis reports and dashboards allow you to increase the efficiency of your business so you can plan better the allocation of your rooms, equipment, resources, etc.


No software installation required for the end user

Last but not least, it's very easy to deploy the client application over your company's intranet. The application runs on each one of the users PC's without the need to install software or reconfigure your firewall.

Our rich internet application can be launched from a web page or from a network share and is built in such a way that it does not require any administrative privileges on the local workstation. No installation of any components is required on the user's PC's.